Is your garage your pride and joy? Or does it simply store your pride and joy? Whichever is the case, you’ll likely want to keep the garage floor looking clean and fresh. By the very nature of a garage, the floor is incredibly susceptible to oil and fuel stains, amongst others. This, combined with the fact that concrete is a porous material, can making cleaning up any spills extremely tricky.

To stay one step ahead, why not seal your garage’s concrete floor? It’s easier than you think!

Thompson’s One Coat Concrete Seal is purpose-designed to stabilise and seal concrete floors. Its fast-acting formula is ready for vehicle traffic in just four hours, stops concrete dusting and works to resist oil and fuel stains.

Before applying the seal, first things first, give the concrete floor a decent scrub with a stiff bristle brush to get rid of any dust or dirt. Open any windows or garage doors for ventilation and use Thompson’s Oil & Drive Cleaner to give the concrete a good clean before it’s sealed. In the case of existing oil or grease stains, it’s best to use this neat for maximum power. Ensure that any cleaners are thoroughly rinsed off and the concrete is dry before applying the One Coat Concrete Seal.

Give the tin a good stir, before pouring its contents into a roller tray and use a long pile roller to apply in long, smooth strokes. If you’re sealing your garage floor, start from the further point and work towards the door – don’t seal yourself into a corner! Apply an even coat, making sure that any puddles are spread into dry areas, and that’s it – job done! For best results, we recommend tackling this job on a dry day with temperatures above 10 degrees.